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Certified Female-Friendly Hotels

Woman at hotel check-in desk

Certified Female Friendly HotelHotels featured here have been carefully vetted, in person, by a Maiden Voyage inspector.  In order to qualify, the hotel must meet the Maiden Voyage minimum safety requirements, which includes 24/7 manned reception, a well-lit entrance as well as two independent locks.

Maiden Voyage inspects and certifies hotels based on both security features and comfort factors identified as "must-haves"  by our community.  The Women in Business Research (request the full report here) revealed that in-room amenities and healthy dining options feature highly in the priorities and experiences of female business travellers. 

If you are interested in finding out more about having your property accredited and would like a copy of our Hotel Information pack, please emails us or call us on  +44 113 314 9000 for more information.