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Women in Business Travel ResearchTell us about your in-flight experiences for a chance win a £150 voucher for a luxury airport transfer.

Elevating the female business traveller is a new piece of research being conducted by Maiden Voyage into the wants and needs of female air passengers and will include an investigation into the increase in reports of sexual harassment on-board.

This research project will look at the experiences of women travellers as well as those of air crew, current legislation and will include interviews with key stakeholders across the aviation industry.

We'd like your help in this important piece of research, the biggest of its kind that has ever been undertaken.

By completing our survey (which takes approximately 15 minutes) you will be helping to shape the aviation industry to better cater for the needs of women travellers and by way of a reward we will enter you into a prize draw to win a £150 voucher from luxury airport chauffeur drive company Carey Worldwide

Click here to take the survey.

Female Travel Safety eLearningBite-sized Female Travel Safety eLearning Courses

Female traveller safety training - any time, any where

With 1 in 4 women having a negative experience when travelling, we don't want you to become just another statistic.  That's why we've introduced a suite of easily consumable 20-minute elearning modules to cover all aspects of your business trip.

Whether you are a nervous first-time traveller or a highly experienced road-warrior, we guarantee that you will learn new tips and tricks to keep yourself safe when travelling on business.  Often it's simple behaviour such as complacency or an act of politeness that puts you in a position that can quickly escalate, so these course equip you to prepare in advance and have a 'plan B' at the ready just in case things don't go as expected.

Delivered in 5 bite-sized modules:

  • Pre-Planning and Packing
  • Safe Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Safety
  • Safe Meeings and Leisure
  • Intercultural Awareness

The courses can be taken individuallly or take all five as a block.

Click here to book your course and start learning today to ensure all your future trips are safe and effective. 

Women in Business Travel ResearchThe Women in Business Travel Report 2016 is Out Now

Request your copy below

The Women in Business Travel Report, commissioned by maiden-voyage.com is the first comprehensive piece of research into the female business travel market.


77% of female business travellers believe that their company’s travel programmes should take better notice of their gender needs, whilst 70% say travel providers need to try harder to meet those needs.

73.4% say their experiences of travel providers has a direct impact on policy compliance, with 75.3% believing their companies should prioritise suppliers who pay special attention to female travellers.

These are just some of the findings from a new report looking at female business travellers’ needs and whether gender should play any part in corporate travel management.

The report also revealed that:-

  • 64% of female business travellers say there are destinations they would not travel to that they would travel to as a man, especially in the Middle East and South America.
  • 31.4% of female business travellers have encountered sexual harassment whilst travelling

Those surveyed came come from a wide variety of industry sectors including professional services, healthcare, technology, retail, education and government. Just under half of the 200+ respondents spend four nights or more per month away from their UK homes on business.

The research, amongst female company managers, directors, CEOs and owners, was supported by leading travel brands Avis Budget, CTI, International SOS, Priority Pass & Virgin Trains.

Carolyn Pearson, Founder & CEO, Maiden-Voyage.com, explains why the report was commissioned. "The prominence of duty of care on the business travel agenda and the increase in the number of women reaching senior positions and a subsequent increase in women travelling on business means there’s never been a better time to look at the issues facing women travellers." 

"More and more travel management, HR and travel security communities are now holding their travel suppliers accountable for the gender-specific needs of their travellers.  Likewise travel suppliers, in particular some hotels, TMCs and travel risk management organisations, are pioneering change and responding to the needs of one of their fastest-growing market segments. But, as our report shows, there is still much work to be done"

Copies of the Women in Business Travel Report can be downloaded, free of charge,request a copy here.

Make your business trips work for you

Business travel can be glamorous and you can expand your global professional network at the same time

"Hi Jenny, are you free for a drink on Thursday evening? Some of the girls are having a catch up. Love, Kate
"Sorry Kate. Can’t make it. I’m at a conference in Berlin on Monday and Tuesday, then I fly straight over to a client meeting in The Hague. I won’t be back until late on Thursday night – by which time, I’ll be fit to curl up in front of the TV and catch up on emails. Have a great time! Hugs, Jenny"
"Oooohh I’ve always wanted to go to Berlin – you’re so lucky!! I really envy your jet-set lifestyle. Safe Journey! Kate"  

Sound familiar? To the outsider, business travel appears to be a glamorous way to see the world in an all expenses paid ‘holiday’. The reality of business travel is not that glamorous, living out of a suitcase, late night client meetings, or dinner in your hotel room juggling your laptop to create a working space whilst trying to get comfortable on an over-stuffed mattress with too many pillows!

We want to change that.

Network Your Way To Success

Three Women Drinking CoffeeWhilst business travel can be tiring, we want to encourage you to invigorate your experience by taking time to explore the concept of networking with people outside of your industry.

A recent survey of professionals carried out by law firm Trowers & Hamlins, shows that whilst men and women both consider networking to be important to their careers, women over the age of 35 are networking considerably less often than their male counterparts. Over 80% of all respondents recognised the importance of networking to their careers, yet only 25% of the female respondents, versus 46% of the male respondents, were actively networking on a weekly basis. Arguably, this is the stage when you are most likely to be on the cusp of advancing to senior and board-level positions.  So why take your foot off the pedal? Networking is widely credited with helping people progress their careers and Maiden Voyage is here to help you do that. 

Many women find networking a scary prospect, yet as a gender we have many skills that pre-dispose us to being great networkers. Maiden Voyage provides you with a non-threatening environment in which to connect with like-minded women whilst you are travelling.

Trendy womenGreat Reasons to Networking When You Travel

  • Break the boredom - It’s fun to meet new and interesting people!
  • Broaden your connections – increase the number of people you have meaningful contact with and you can improve your business and career opportunities.
  • Share your knowledge – if you believe in karma, sharing your knowledge will result in people sharing with you.
  • Create informal coaching and mentoring relationships that can help your personal and professional development.
  • Brainstorm new business ideas and identify potential partners.
  • Identify potential new customers for your business/organisation.

You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Here’s a couple of articles to get you started.

Here’s  our top tips for global networking:

  1. Be adventurous, meet up with somebody who is from a different culture, background, age, industry or career for an enlightening experience.
  2. Plan ahead, connecting across geographical boundaries, dealing with time zones and individual travel plans can make the logistics a little trickier.
  3. Venture out from the hotel, inject the glamour back into business travel and try a nice restaurant or participate in a local activity unique to that city or country.
  4. If you’re a naturally shy person, perhaps think of a few things in advance you can say to break the ice.
  5. Focus on the other person and what you can do to help them, this should get you off to a ‘warm start’.
  6. Establish contact prior to meeting and make sure you are comfortable with whom you are meeting.  Whilst we do validate and call all of our members you might want to check them out on linkedin too, you may even have contacts in common.
  7. Make sure you have travel plans for getting back to your hotel, take the address with you, ensure you know how to get a cab or what time the public transport finishes.
  8. Follow up and keep in touch, some of the relationships founded on networking evolve into life-long friendships
  9. And finally .... tells us about it! We love to hear stories of when our members have met, where and what you got up to.

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Woman with giftsExclusive Member Benefits

Sign-up today, for free

First and foremost, maiden-voyage.com has been designed to make your business trip not only safe but a social occasion too.  By signing up to maiden-voyage.com you will have access to a network of inspiring women from all corners of the globe, all professions and industries and a vast array of cultures.  Meet up for dinner safely in the knowledge that we have spoken to every woman who joins maiden-voyage.com, wherever in the world she might be. 


Other member benefits include:

  • Access to exclusive offers and deals at our handpicked selection of female friendly hotels  including hotel upgrades, discounted or complimentary spa treatments or a welcome glass of champagne
  • Access to a network of international ambassadors who can give you inside information about their home cities, recommend their favourite places or even meet and assist you on your travels
  • Regular offers, discounts and competitions from a range of top fashion, beauty and travel partners
  • Access to our database of hotel inspection results, including those of hotels who have failed to meet our female friendly criteria

That's not all, however, we have also negotiated: 

  • Discounted rates (for UK residents) for pre-booked parking at participating  Q-Park car parks
  • 10% Discount on Airport Parking, Hotel and Airport Hotel and Parking Package and Executive Style Airport Lounges from APH
  • 50% Discount on a years subscription to Business Traveller Magazine

And for the socialites amongst you, we run an occasional, invitation only events, to secure your invites, make sure you remember to sign-up to our newsletter on registering

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Chinese and western woman shaking handsWomen's only trade visit to China 

Are you looking to expand your business or source new products in China? Maiden-voyage.com has teamed up with ConnectChina to host a women's only trade visit to China and Hong Kong.

For businesses trading internationally, China is often perceived as too difficult a market to enter due to geographical distance, cultural differences and language barriers. ConnectChina have years of expertise in running trade visits to this region and have a team on the ground to help you understand how to do business in this increasingly important region.

This is a full-service trade visit and includes:

Business Support

  • Full support and advice both at home and in market before, during and after 
  • One to one pre-arranged business meetings – minimum 3 per company in each city 
  • Chinese business culture workshops x 4 & beginners Mandarin (webinar or workshop)
  • Pre-event briefing
  • Business cards translated & printed in Chinese
  • A4 Profile translated into Chinese
  • Networking reception in each city with Chinese Women Entrepreneurs
  • Business briefings in each city on arrival
  • Interpreters
  • Trade Visit brochure


  • Economy flight Beijing-Shanghai
  • Economy flight Shanghai-Hong Kong
  • 2 nights bed & breakfast 4* hotel accommodation in Beijing
  • 2 nights bed & breakfast 4* hotel accommodation in Shanghai
  • 2 nights bed & breakfast 4* hotel accommodation in Hong Kong
  • Group airport transfers in Hong Kong & mainland China
  • Single entry visa application (for UK participants only but visa invitation letters will be provided for non-UK)
  • Sightseeing in each city 

Price £3560 excluding flights to and from China/Hong Kong

ConnectChinaConnectChina will perform a complimentary assessment on your business to ascertain its readiness for the Chinese Market in advance to you making a commitment to join the trade visit.

For a detailed information pack or to book your free assessment, email us at China@maiden-voyage.com

Alice Retson Beijing AmbassadorMeet our Global Ambassadors

100 women, 100 cities

Come and meet some of our 'super-members' and fans of maiden-voyage.com who are passionate about their own cities and are keen to share their own little black books of top places to visit, things to do and essential local travel advice with you.  Our Ambassadors provide you with their own personal guide to their city including local information about travel, safety, culture and customs.

Come and meet our ambassadors or apply online to be one yourself.

Manifattura Donna, FashionInsideOutManifattura Donna - Invest In Your Professional Image

Ladies did you know that wearing a dress or skirt in businesses means that you will be perceived to be more professional than if you wore trousers?  We certainly didn't until we met the beautiful and talented fashion designer Dominka Mosz from Manifattura Donna.  This was just one of the tips she shared with us we shot our business fashion video with Dominika and Linda Sharkey, fashion journalist and hugely successful blogger of Fashioninsideout.

Manifattura Donna designs help women creating a more professional Personal Image and hence - help them feeling more confident and achieving career goals.  The Company was created in 2011 By Dominika Mosz, a Brand and Personal Brand Specialist with over 10 years experience in the field.  "It is important to demonstrate you value and respect yourself in order to be respected by others", says Dominika 'especially in the work environment Psychological studies demonstrate that what we are wearing has an unbelievable influence on our self-esteem and confidence.'
Manifattura Donna
Manifattura Donna outfits have been designed to improve the lives and image of all women and  are suitable for all ages with clients ranging from 20-year-olds up to  80-year-old. Their pieces strictly respect the dress code and are produced from the highest quality fabrics by the best Italian and British tailors. Manifattura Donna designs are made in particular for women who often travel. Dresses are manufactured from fabric that doesn't crease and - thanks to detachable accessories - they adapt to a range of occasions so you can save space in your luggage.

The mission of Manifattura Donna is to make women understand that investing in their image means investing in their career. If we want to achieve more in work we have to give importance to our outfits and understand how they impact our Personal Image.

Many of our members tell us that that they struggle to find good quality tailoring for women, aside from the wonderful and unique designs that Manifattura offer, their pieces are affordable and are also available in made-to-measure.  We look forward to seeing this fantastic brand go from strenght to strength.  

See the full report on our shoot and watch the video on Fashioninsideout

Certified Female Friendly

maiden-voyage.com trained hotels

Those hotels that really value their female guests have undergone our intensive training and accreditation programme.  In order to pass and appear on maiden-voyage.com as a trained hotel, hotels will have undergone a programme of 360 degree assessment which includes anonymous guest surveys, mystery guest stays and a deep audit of their product, facilities and customer service.  We then take the hotel on the customer journey from the moment you start to search for a hotel to the time you check-out in order to improve the whole experience.

Some of the things you can expect from a maiden-voyage.com trained hotel:

  • Sensitivity to you being a lone female guest, your room number should not be publicly discussed
  • Consideration as to where you are placed in the hotel
  • Sensitivity to your requirements whilst dining, including where and how you are seated, menu and dining options
  • An enhanced in-room range of products
  • Outstanding customer service and a can-do attitude
  • Excellent safety and security measures in place

 We would love to hear your feedback so please share your experience with us on any of our trained hotels  or partner hotels  -  good or bad.