Travel Safety E-learning Modules

Our e-learning modules have been designed specifically with the female business traveller in mind.  Whether it's for an individual traveller, corporate business traveller or a corporate travel department, our modules guide you through all aspects of travel safety from pre-trip planning to arriving home both safely and healthily.

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Hotel Safety Training £15.99             COMING SOON! register your interest

How do you know that your hotel of of choice is safe for you and your staff?  This module covers how to select a safe hotel, personal safety, protecting your valuables and fire safety.

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Meeting Planning and Leisure Time

Operating in a strange city could leave you disorientated and at a greater risk as a female business traveller. This module covers how to run your meetings effectiely and utilise your down time safely.

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Pre-planning & Packing for Safe Travel

The time invested in pre-trip planning could make the difference between a safe and an unsafe experience.  The seasoned traveller can easily fall into the trap of complacency.  This module provides guidance on legal, practical and health pre-planning.

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Chinese and western woman

Intercultural & Gender Restrictions

Whilst many Western societies have advanced to a state of gender equality, there are many that have not. Legal and cultural differences for men at women can put the unseasoned traveller at risks ranging from causing deep offence to a period of imprsonment or even corporal punishment.

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  • Use appropriate resources to research your destination
  • Understand gender based local business etiquette and dress codes
  •  Recognise any legal restrictions that you must adhere to
  •  Identify any cultural restrictions that you must respect
  •  Be prepared to do the right thing when things go wrong.


Woman in Chauffeur drive car

Ground Transportation Safety

When arriving at your destination, how do you know which is the safest mode of transport?  How will you kmow that the person collecting you is actually your designationed driver?  This module will help you to stay safe when moving aound on the ground at your destination.

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