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BBC - Late Night Woman's Hour

Late Night Woman's Hour

Travel and Adventure 

Women have always dreamed of escaping their ordinary lives - but it's only in recent history that travel has become a legitimate opportunity to do so - and then only for some.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Is this the answer to the holiday horror of travelling alone? 

The new travel trend connects singletons with like minded solo travellers.



Female Business Travelers Demand Equality From Their Employers 

Supervisors who don’t send women on business trips, in a misguided effort to avoid dealing with women’s safety issues, are doing their companies a disservice by suppressing that talent.

Woman and Home

Woman and Home

The Work In Progress 

"I found a gap in the market to make travel fun, safe and social for the increasing number of women travelling alone." - Carolyn Pearson

The European

The European

Taking care of women on business. 

More and more organisations are taking a closer look at what they do to support their female business travellers

Business Travel Show

Business Travel Show Blog

There is a gender-specific conversation to be had about travel risk. 

Employers are having more pressure put on them to provide adequate duty of care for their business travellers, which applies whether travel is domestic or international.

Executive Secretary Magazine

Executive Secretary Magazine

Uncovering the Truth of Business Travel for Women 

"Female-friendly" is not about being treated differently; it is about being treated appropriately says Rheanna-Marie Hall


PEAR Insights

Why it's Ok to put women first 

Carolyn Pearson CEO and founder of explains why it is acceptable to have a gender-specific conversation about travel risks.

Brummel Magazine

Brummel Magazine

In good company 

Goodbye, gloomy room service - Brummel Magazine looks at how help the solo business woman get the most out of a work trip.

BBC News

BBC News

Dine in peace 

The BBC looks at the female business traveller and how companies such as are catering for women who not only need to feel safe, but want to meet like minded business women to network and share social events.

HR Magazine

HR Magazine

Women at risk when travelling

Reasearch conducted by finds that very few companies provide adequate travel safety training for female staff.


Myself Magazine December 2014

Myself Magazine Germany

Solo in Paris?

Myself featurte and our key features.


Cosmopolitan Magazine September 2014

Cosmopolitan Germany Magazine

Gibt's noch nicht - Erfinde Ich!

Cosmopolitan talks about women who have taken a career change and developed a new and innovative business out of their passions and a need that the felt was not being met.


Global Living Magazine July/August 2014

Global Living Magazine

Expats Exposé CEO Carolyn Pearson talks about why expats make the perfect city ambassadors.  Sophie Hicks, Ana Elisa Seixas and Karin Richman share their expat stories of living and working in Istanbul, Dubai and Vienna.


H&E North June 2014

Hospitality & Events North

High Flyer 

Interview with CEO Carolyn Pearson who shares her story of why she launched and the challenges she faces as a woman running a start-up business.


Hotel News Now June 2014

Hotel News Now

Global Report - What women want from their hotel experience

The trend of catering to women is a budding phenomenon across the globe, and the list of hotels offering such personalized service and amenities is growing. By Chitra Balasubramaniam.


Network She Magazine

Network She Magazine

Maiden Voyage, Carolyn Pearson opens the door to female friendly travel founder Carolyn Pearson gtalks about how a buisness trip to LA lead to the launch of a global network for female business travellers.

Flybe Uncovered

Flybe Uncovered Magazine

What Women Want 

The Flybe inflight magazine features

Executive Secretary Magazine

Executive Secretary Magazine

Making the Most of your Business Trip founder Carolyn Pearson gives her top tips for making the most of your business trip including how to keep safe and how to indulge.

Executive Secretary Magazine

Executive Secretary Magazine

Profile - Carolyn Pearson 

Executive Secretary Magazine's exclusive interview with founder Carolyn Pearson.  

Onboard Hospitality

Onboard Hospitality Magazine

Women and Inflight Catering - What women want 

Laura Gelder talks about the independent reserarch conducted by and into the latest trends and onboard dining preferences of the female business traveller.  

CNN News


What women want: Hotels look to cater for more female business travelers 

Daisy Carrington discusses the requirements of the fastest growing group of business travellers - women.  The hospitality industry is now considering further emphasis, whilst some hotels have installed all female floors, specific entry doors and giving extra's such as female magazines and special bathroom accessories. The hotel industry hopes that this gives added value towards the female safety travel experience as talked about by Carolyn Pearson of 

The Economist

The Economist

Women and Hoels; Special Treament  

Gullivers Business Travel Journalist takes the CNN article to the next level and asks himself why women should receive different treatment whilst on business travel. Maiden-voyage's CEO Carolyn Pearson explains about the thinking behind the experience of the female business traveler. 

BBC Travel

BBC Travel

Business Travel Gets a Female Touch 

Nick Easen talks about the new travel workforce which consists mainly of female business traveler, he shows a number of different ways these travellers now get a fun, but safe travel experience. Various regions in the world, now have special female traveller options, such as the pink cabs in Dubai. Easen highlights as a way of sharing  these experiences, via  online and face-to-face networking. 

Download Article

Scotland on Sunday

Scotland on Sunday

Scots hotel certified female friendly by site 

Scottish hotel 'Skene House Hotelsuites' has been certified by a women's business traveller network/website for offering services for the lone female business traveller. 

CNN News


No more flying solo: Business Travellers Revolution 

Tim Hume explores the new generation of online services turning business travel into a social experiencer. 

Business Traveller Middle East

Business Traveller Middle East

Female Force

Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey talks about the challenges facing women travelling alone on business in the Middle East, looking at female friendly hotel the Jumeirah Emirates Towers and talks to member Ana Seixas about her experiences travelling alone. 

Global Living Magazine

Global Living Magazine

Global Events - The Independent Woman Party

Pages of gorgeous, glamorous photorgraphs from the Indpendent Woman Party held at London's Iconic Met Bar. 

Dream Corner Radio

Dream Corner Radio

Viv Oyolu Interviews CEO Carolyn Pearson

Dream Corner Radio presenter Viv Oyolu interviews Carolyn Pearson about all thing women in technology, why she started and gathers tips for success as part of her show that inspires women to follow their dreams and passions. 

Business Traveller Magazine Feb 2012

Business Traveller Magazine

Dressed for Success by Tom Otley and Jenny Southan

CEO Carolyn Pearson shares her top tips for fashion and comfort for the female business traveller with Jenny Southan.

BlogTalkRadio interview with Carolyn Pearson

BQ Magazine

Peter Baber  interviews Carolyn Pearson

Peter Baber interviews founder, CEO and hotel lobbyist Carolyn Pearson, where she talks about her quest to change the hospitality industry for the better for lone female guests. 

BlogTalkRadio interview with Carolyn Pearson


Annie Kaszina interviews Carolyn Pearson

Annie Kaszina interviews founder and CEO Carolyn Pearson. We talk about the issues facing women who travel alone for business, female friendly hotels, humour and frivolity in the work place and the Law of Attraction.

BBC World Service

BBC World Service

Europe Today

Tim Jenkins interviews founder Carolyn Pearson and member Inna Schlepina about

CNN International

CNN International

Social Networking for Women

Ayesha Durgahee looks at social networks, including which are aimed specifically at women.


New York Times

Social Networking

Hilary Howard looks at how Social Networking is connecting business women whilst they are on the road.

Media Guardian Elevator Pitch

Guardian Media

Elevator Pitch

The regular digitial content blog from Jemima Kiss, entitled "maiden-voyage wants to connect women business travellers"

Management Today - not just business as usual

Management Today

Alone in a strange city

Alexander Garrett explores the solo life of the business traveller and tells us about a number of social networks out there which cater for them, including

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